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Industrial products
zilight® nano-zirconia

Mathym manufactures innovative fluoride and oxide nanomaterial dispersions customized for high-end applications. They are provided as industrial batches in a wide range of application-specific dispersion media.

zilight® ultra-small nanozirconia

Our smallest nanozirconia grade has a particle size as small as 5 nm.

It brings strong benefits to high-end applications where small particle size is key, including high refractive index modulation of transparent materials.

  • 5 nm ZrO₂ nanoparticles with narrow size distribution*
  • Agglomerate-free dispersions
  • High crystallinity
  • Refractive index up to 2.0
  • Doped and undoped grades available
  • Tunable surface chemistry to ensure compatibility with various dispersion media such as acrylates and silicones


* We offer nanozirconia with different sizes and morphologies to meet the requirements of each application.

Contact us to learn about available grades.


High refractive-index transparent composites

zilight® nanozirconia is the perfect nanofiller in advanced optical materials to significantly increase and tune the refractive index with limited impact on transparency. It can be incorporated into films, adhesives, encapsulation materials, optical structures, and components for a wide range of applications, including ophthalmic coatings, solid-state lighting and displays.

zilight® nanozirconia benefits

Main benefits in optical materials include:

  • High refractive index, depending on nanozirconia concentration and host medium
  • High transparency
  • Low impact on haze
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Low viscosity before curing even at high solid loading
  • Compatibility with typical optical materials such as silicones and acrylates

Main applications

Mathym’s zirconia nanodispersions are designed for various applications in several industries.

We support a broad range of applications including:

  • High refractive index nanofiller in optical materials (ophthalmic coating, adhesive, lighting, optical component, display…)
  • Scratch resistance and wear resistance enhancer in coatings
  • Nano-scale radiopacifier in biomedical materials, especially in dental materials
  • Nanofiller in inkjet materials for 2D/3D printing and in resins for nanoimprint lithography
  • Starting material for the manufacturing of nanoceramics, solid oxide fuel cells, ceramic membranes, hard coatings