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Proprietary processes

Mathym synthesizes nanoparticles using wet chemical processes in mild reaction conditions, modifies surface chemistries, and disperses nanoparticles into specified mediums.

Our patented technology is simple, cost-effective, controllable, reproducible and quick to scale up creating best-in-class products. Our solutions are tailored to incorporate common commercial precursors and our controlled processes use standard equipment to deliver high-purity nanomaterials.

Surface modification

We use a versatile process to modify the nanoparticles surface and ensure compatibility with a variety of dispersion media, including acrylates and silicones.

Several surface chemistry options are available:

  • Acrylate, methacrylate or siloxane groups to crosslink with the dispersion medium
  • Non-reactive groups
  • Aqueous dispersants
  • Dispersants compatible with common industrial solvents
  • Low organic content options

Our range of available surface chemistries is constantly expanding.

We routinely tailor our nanoparticles surface to meet the requirements of our customer’s applications.