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Mathym develops and manufactures innovative fluoride and oxide nanomaterial dispersions customized for high-end applications such as optics and biomaterials. Our nanoparticles are provided in a wide range of application-specific dispersion media.

zilight® (ZrO2), Mathym novel nano-zirconia, allows tunability of the refractive index while maintaining high transparency for display and optical applications such as LED, XR or ophthalmic coating. filyxio® (YbF3), our best-in-class radiopacifier for dental composites, allows the deepest curing and the most aesthetical restorations. Our highly crystallized nano-ceria (CeO2) features an exclusive narrow particle size distribution enabling exquisite removal rate and defect control in Chemical Mechanical Polishing.

Nanoparticle: ZrO₂, YbF₃, CeO₂ and others under development
Functionalization to ensure a steady and homogeneous dispersion of nanoparticles in the liquid
Dispersion medium: H₂O, solvents, monomers, polymers

Dispersion media

Mathym nanomaterials are provided in stable and homogeneous dispersions in an expanding range of media:

  • Water, polar and non-polar solvents
  • Monomers and monomer mixtures, including acrylates, methacrylates and silicones
  • Curable formulations

Expect more from our dispersions!

  • We perform custom R&D to incorporate our nanomaterials in customer specific solvents or monomer mixtures
  • We welcome customers to send us their specific dispersion media for nanoparticle incorporation
  • High solid loadings up to 80 wt% for demanding applications