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filyxio® nano-ytterbium fluoride

Mathym manufactures innovative fluoride and oxide nanomaterial dispersions customized for high-end applications. They are provided as industrial batches in a wide range of application-specific dispersion media.

filyxio® nano-ytterbium fluoride

Being the smallest YbF₃ nanoparticles on the market, filyxio® brings radiopacity to dental materials while maximizing depth of cure and aesthetics.

Available in sizes of 20 nm (all applications) or 40 nm (non dental applications).

Provided in a broad range of fluid dispersions exhibiting the highest solid loading on the market.


filyxio® benefits

Main benefits are the following:

  • Smallest ytterbium fluoride nanoparticles on the market, 20 nm or 40 nm
  • Compatibility with all dental monomers
  • High translucency of dental composites
  • High depth of cure
  • Low viscosity at high particle loading
  • Improved flexural strength

Main applications

filyxio® brings radiopacity to the following applications:

  • Dental materials
  • 3D printing resins and feedstocks
  • Biomedical implants
  • Adhesive bondings for quality control