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A nanotechnology company

We are a nanotechnology company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of nano-dispersions.

We specialize in the field of biomedical applications by developing innovative nanomaterials entering new medical devices formulation, such as dental or bone-substitute materials.

670 dedicated to manufacturing and R&D activities

1 manufacturing line implemented

5 nanomaterials under development

6 patent families

2 financing rounds led in 2014 and 2016

ISO 9001 Quality management system

Innovative colloidal solutions

The use of nanomaterials within biomedical applications is increasing but still remains limited in regard to the potential benefits brought.

Indeed, medical devices manufacturers are reluctant to use existing nanomaterials consisting uniquely of nanopowders. Mathym provides its industrial partners with risk-free and fully compatible nano-dispersions that bring or reinforce critical properties within medical devices.

Radiopacity, mechanical properties, increase in refractive index are examples of properties that garner important attention in the biomedical fields.

  • Nanoparticle YbF3, ZrO2, CaF2 and others under development
  • Functionalization to ensure a steady and homogeneous dispersion of nanoparticles in liquids
  • Liquid of dispersion H2O, acetone, monomers, polymers

Why using our colloids?

Nanopowders Handling risks Volatility and inhalation risks Non-optimal in-resindispersion Micrometric agglomerates formation Growing regulatory constraints Focusing on nanopowders

Mathym Risk-free nanomaterials Liquid form Nanoparticles already dispersed in resins Stable and homogenous dispersion in desired media STEADY REGULATORY CONSTRAINTS Considered as a chemical raw material

Our materials

ZrO2 5-30 nm
Nano-filler dedicated to dental materials formulation

YbF3 20-50 nm
Nano-radiopacifier dedicated to dental materials formulation

CaF2 8-30 nm
Colloidal solutions for dental enamel remineralization

Our news

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